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Thanks to the innovative technology of the Airdog air purifier models, the air purifiers become "green". The technology is based on ionization technology, which is decisively strengthened by two patents. The smallest particles such as fine dust up to 14.6 nm are sucked out of the air and fed into an ionization network with almost 40,000 V. There, pollutants and viruses, bacteria, germs, etc. are converted into such by the flow in the surface so that they are deactivated immediately. By "destroying" or inactivating the cells/particles, they are charged and then magnetically attracted to the washable filter. This cold filter is then washable and reusable. Among other things, there are no higher follow-up costs in relation to the subsequent purchase of filters.

Due to this new technology, the Airdog air purifiers differ in principle from the currently usable HEPA filter devices, in which the viruses, germs, etc. are trapped alive in the filter for up to approx. 5 days until they die.


proof of effectiveness

We asked Hygcen Germany, an extremely renowned testing laboratory in the field of medicine, to thoroughly investigate the effectiveness of the Airdog X. The result determined in the report is a filter efficiency of more than 99.997% (corresponds to 4.49 lg levels).

The Airdog devices are thus significantly more efficient than a HEPA 13 filter and even filter a little more out of the room air than HEPA 14 filters. Viruses (including corona viruses), germs, bacteria, pollen, spores and fine dust in particular are cleaned from the air many times better.


Environmentally friendly & sustainable
Thanks to the certified verification for measuring the ozone value, we can confirm that no ozone or other emissions escape from the Airdog devices.
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Schritt 5 Carbon Layer

The Carbon Layer is an active carbon filter which absorbs unpleasant odours keeping the air fresh and pure.



Schritt 4 Filter Cartridge

The Filter Cartridge / collecting plates are positively and negatively charged; they attract and actively capture the opposite charged particles in the air passing through. As well as capturing charged particles the electrified plates inactivate harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.


Schritt 3 Electric Field

The Electric Field inactivates harmful microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and fungi. It also charges particles which will be captured in the collecting plates.


Schritt 2 Emitter Wires

The Emitter wires create an electric field inactivating harmful contaminants also charging particles in the air as they pass through.

Schritt 1 Pre-Filter Screen

The Pre-Filter Screen is the first line of defence, capturing large organic particles, dust, pollen etc..

Das ultimative Benutzererlebnis

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With our auto mode button, you can keep Airdog running by itself 24/7! Auto mode automatically adjusts the air flow to the level of pollution in the ambient air, which is measured by the integrated AQI (Air Quality Index) meter. This feature not only makes it easier to control the air quality in your room, but also saves you energy costs and gives you peace of mind.


There is no need to waste time operating a complex controller. Instead, Airdog works effectively with the push of a button. Cycle through different airflow settings quickly and easily, or press auto mode and let it manage it all.

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As you hear, you hear nothing. You will hardly hear the Airdog and will almost forget that it is in the room. Airdog's noise level ranges from 22dB (sleep mode) to 57dB (turbo mode) and averages 34dB, which is half that of traditional air cleaning systems.